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Peer Support for Mental and Emotional Wellness

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What We Are

Recovery - the process of coping with and/or overcoming life obstacles like trauma, stress, depression, anxiety and other extreme emotional and mental states.
Learning - because we human beings are constantly encountering new facts about ourselves, each other and our environments.
Community - a group of people with unique lived experiences, coming together to support one another as we learn and recover.

In short, we are peers. We've been there, or at least someplace similar, and we're here to help each other out.

Where We Operate

The RLC holds meetings in locations all throughout Central Massachusetts, in hospitals, community centers, book stores, churches--any place that has opened its space for use of the community.

Our physical home, the Kiva Center, also hosts numerous meetings throughout the week. Click our Calendar to learn more about what meetings are available, when.

209 Shrewsbury St, Worcester MA 01604
Bus Route 15, across from East Park

How It Happens

Meetings are frequently straight-up Peer Support: people coming together to discuss experiences, challenges, symptoms or whatever else comes to mind. Other meetings approach recovery through other channels, helping peers with any aspect of life from Aromatherapy to Zen. Examples include Computer Literacy, Creative Writing, Yoga and more.

These meetings help peers with extreme emotional/mental experiences on many levels. They give us a reason to get out of bed when we’re having a hard time doing so, and a place to go when we need one. They ground us in the “here and now” and give us new ways with which to express ourselves by engaging us in creative activities (drumming, writing, knitting, etc). Most importantly, they provide a network of emotional support, simply by bringing us together.

All RLC Meetings abide by the Comfort Agreement.

Why Peer Support Is Important

It helps us.

At the Central Mass RLC, we believe in every person’s right to mental health and ability to achieve it. The path to wellness can be a difficult journey, but the way is always easier when we walk together, or when guided by someone who has walked the path before. Everyone has a unique set of challenges, but with Peer Support, we find out that we are not alone. Others have overcome the same or similar problems before, and we all have the strength find our ways through.

It teaches us to help each other.

We believe that relationships are at the center of what heals people who have experienced mental/emotional health challenges. When we share our experiences and our stories, we also share our wisdom and strength, uniting us as a community and guiding us to wellness.

It improves the Greater Community.

When we human beings are well, we can take care of ourselves, each other and the world around us. With Peer Support, a person can learn to cope with his or her challenges and live the way he or she deserves to live, which can, for example, include holding down a job and contributing to the health of the economy.

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